The Coin Market Cap of Socks

Soon you will be able to join the best monthly sock subscription for the Blockchain community. Two new and exclusive cryptocurrency inspired socks with some other goodies in your mail each month.

What Comes In Your Monthly Box?

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Crypto Socks

This monthly sock subscription is a product of Kimchi Socks, a known product of the Blockchain community. The socks in this monthly box will be crypto inspired socks of a different token each month, and the designs you get can ONLY be received from this subscription. We want these socks to have a fixed supply as Bitcoin does and we want this to be an exclusive product for our subscribers from the Blockchain community.

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Crypto Stickers

Each month you will get different stickers that go along with your two pairs of exclusive socks. Put them on your laptop, notepad, or wherever you want to represent your CoinMarketSox monthly box subscription pride.

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Bitcoin Cash Pop up Cellphone

Small Gadget

We will research and choose the best items that are useful for you and include them in your exclusive monthly sock subscription box.

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Facebook Group

Our goal is to build a Facebook Group community of paid members that we deliver value. Once we hit our first milestone of 500 paid members, we will hire a full-time cryptocurrency market analyst who will give our group 24 hours updates and recommendations on the market. Once we hit our milestone of 1000 paid members will hire a full-time person who will provide a weekly report on ICO projects that are good investments. Once we hit our 2000 milestone, we will employ a teammate who job will be to create and provide video content exclusively for our private group. They will conduct interviews, give news updates, and more. We will work to get exclusive deals and offers for our group members. Finally, we will allow our members to vote on things they would like to get in future boxes.

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Earn Tokens

Kimchi Socks will be using a portion of the revenue to go towards r&d of a decentralized application that will enable people from poorer nations to own and operate their own dropshipping business with just a mobile device; therefore, allowing them to make an extra $250~$500 a month to take care of their family. Every month you pay for a CoinMarketSox box qualifies you to receive $5 worth of our ERC20 reward token, SOX, value at $0.10 each. In the future, you will be able to pay for your membership, Kimchi Socks, and other products.

Our Smart Contract

Monthly Cost

For all of this value, we will bring to you. The cost of this monthly subscription will be $50 if you choose to do only one month. $40 a month if you decide to do three months, and $30 a month if you are dedicated to a one-year membership. In the coming week will open up to start accepting members so we can get prepared to ship our first box this September. Join our email list, Telegram, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebooks for updates.

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